Kids Swimming Lessons in Toronto.

Since 2003, we have been committed to serving Toronto and the GTA while maintaining the highest standard and quality of swimming lessons for children and adults alike. Our swimming lessons in Toronto are taught by professionals with years of experience under their belts, and safety is always our number one priority. When you register your child or yourself for swimming lessons in Toronto at Davina’s Swim House, you can rest assured that you’ll be looked after and taken care of. We want you and your children to have fun, and be safe while doing so!
Kids’ swimming lessons in Toronto have all sorts of benefits besides teaching an essential life skill. For children, swimming lessons help to build confidence both in and out of the water. After completing their swimming lessons and being able to swim, your child will feel a burst of self-confidence that will encourage them to keep learning and trying new things as their life goes on. Learning new skills is always a big source of pride for young children, and learning to swim is no exception! Adults who learn to swim can also experience a rise in confidence after successfully completing lessons, which makes learning to swim an excellent confidence booster for just about anyone!
Our toddler swimming lessons in Toronto are the perfect way to introduce your child to swimming at the earliest age possible. Having your toddler learn to swim is a very effective way to make swimming a regular part of your child’s life and prevent any fears of water or drowning from forming.
Swimming is also a great way to get good exercise and live a healthier lifestyle. When you register for kids or adult swimming lessons in Toronto at Davina’s Swim House, you are already taking the first step in discovering a whole new way to keep healthy and give your body the exercise it needs!
All of our instructors are trained in-house with Davina’s unique hands-on teaching methods, ensuring consistent and effective lessons.

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What our clients are saying

Cindy Says…

“My 4 year old was reluctant to swim. He hated to get his hair wet, wailed when on his back and would not wear goggles. After the 2nd class he was laughing, proud of himself and going under water! He is happy to to come to swim and looks forward to swimming all week. Davina’s Swim House is teaching Liam to swim and be confident in the water. I am ready to enjoy my summer swimming with my son!”

– April, 2016
Lucy Says…

“We love the clean warm salt water pool at Davina’s. As a mother of a parent and tot I thought I would not enjoy the experience of going in the water with my little one, but Davina’s facility is so warm and welcoming I look forward to my class each week. My 18 month loves swimming and is progressing into a little swimmer. She loves jumping, going under and singing songs on her back. Thank you Davina’s Swim House for making this experience memorable.”

– March, 2016
Ronell Says…

“Out of the many children programs our children has been enrolled in, the staff at Davina is by far the “BEST”! Both our children, Sage and Ocean are extremely excited to see the staff every week. Your professionalism, patience and passion for swimming; in addition to your love for children is felt by many!”

– May 2016
Ali Says…

“All of my kids love swimming at Davina’s Swim House. All of the instructors are well trained to work with children and create a fun and enjoyable safe environment.”

– May, 2016
Mindy Says…

“I wanted to send a special thank you to Debbie, Liat and Erin who ALL went above and beyond to make my daughter’s swimming lesson a success yesterday. She went from refusing to get in the water, to sitting on the edge with Liat, to swimming lengths with her instructor. All within a half hour. My daughter has anxiety relating to new experiences and potential failure. Everyone worked together to ensure there was a plan in place she was comfortable with and let her have the sense of control she needed.”

– March, 2016

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