Girl with goggle swimming in pool, she has year-long swimming lessons

For some parents, the end of summer means the end of swimming lessons for their kids, as pool parties and cottage trips will not happen for another year. Actually, it is during those “off-season” months that swimmers get more self-assured, work up their skills and keep practicing those, very easy to forget, strokes and exercises. Here are 5 benefits of having year-round swimming lessons for kids:

Swim Skills Progress

Like any other competence, in swimming, practice makes perfect. And constant training is the only way of becoming better. Interrupted sessions or short-term courses will only affect the development of said skills, probably, your child will always go back a few steps in their progress since it is an activity they are not constantly polishing. 

By having year-round swimming lessons you and your kid will be able to see the progress. By having a lesson plan and constant instruction, kids can stay on top of their technique and be ready for the next time they get into the water. You will be surprised how much they can advance throughout the year!

Physical Health

Swimming is a very good exercise for the whole body. It is cardio and strength training in one. By practicing it year-round, kids will stay active, avoid obesity, and develop a healthy relationship with their bodies. Plus, if combined with other sports and a balanced diet, it is the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. 

Mental Health

Swimming has been proven to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. For some, being in a pool is as relaxing as a yoga class. When swimming, the mind and body need to be in sync, and this connection allows the mind to stabilize and focus on the now. 

Year-round swimming lessons give kids the confidence they need to face unknown situations given that they are constantly working on overcoming fears and insecurities.

Water Safety

Being around water means there is a drowning risk. As one of the leading causes of death for children, water safety and swim skills are a must for parents and kids. 

Though completely forgetting how to swim is improbable, with every passing month a kid is not swimming, their confidence in the water will diminish and insecurities will start to rise. This means that in case of a water accident their reaction could be the wrong one, or they might forget how they are supposed to act.

By practicing their skills at least once a week for the whole year, drowning risks are reduced considerably. But of course, this doesn’t mean they will not need constant adult supervision and other pool safety rules.

Build Relationships

Lessons at a swimming school are a great place for kids to make friends. They are usually surrounded by other kids of the same age or similar who share the same passion for swimming. 

After some time of sharing the same environment, the bonds kids can create will become very strong, since they can talk to their new friends about things that maybe other kids wouldn’t understand. Additionally, the constant contact with the instructors and the rest of the school staff enhances their social skills with people of all ages. 


Swimming has enormous benefits for the mind and body, but the only way to cultivate and profit from all the amazing things this activity has to offer is by committing to a longer experience. Allowing your children to take swim lessons all year-round will, without a doubt make them better swimmers and happier kids. 

Our goal at Davina’s Swim House is to build confident swimmers, that is why our indoor pools are the perfect location to polish those skills. We offer swimming lessons for all ages for the twelve months of the year.