Adult swimming lessons pool with three round floaters

Going to the pool or the beach should be a pleasant experience for everybody. It doesn’t matter how old you are, going for a splash is always fun, and it’s also very good for your physical and mental health. Most adults that didn’t have swim lessons as kids believe that they are too old to learn, but that is not true! Learning to swim as an adult is possible, and more importantly, there are huge benefits from doing it. Here are 5 reasons why all adults should learn how to swim: 


1. Body Health

Swimming is one of the most recommended sports for adults. At least 30 minutes in the pool, plus a balanced meal, and an active lifestyle can have huge benefits on your overall health. 


Swimming is a great cardiovascular activity that will elevate your heart rate, expand your lungs and (even if you don’t notice it), make you sweat. Aerobic activity is great for weight loss, energy boosts and reducing the risk for some diseases like heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure.

Low Impact, Full Body Exercise

High impact sports like basketball, hockey, running or tennis can affect your knees, ankles and feet. In contrast, swimming is a low-impact, joint-friendly sport, that allows you a full-body workout without fear of joint or bone injuries. While swimming, you are also strengthening your back, core, arms and leg muscles, all at the same time!

For All Ages

In contrast with more popular sports, swimming is an activity you can keep doing at any age. That is why it doesn’t matter at what moment in life you decide to learn how to swim, as soon as you start swimming you will get all the amazing benefits it offers. 


2. Mental Health

On top of all the benefits it has to your body, swimming also has immense benefits to your mental health.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Water is associated with calm, and swimming is a great activity to help your brain unwind and relax. Since a great part of swimming is learning how to control your breath, these exercises will also help you to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Confidence Boost

Learning new skills or achieving goals is always a great feeling. The endorphins released when swimming will make you feel happier and with a heightened sense of wellbeing. Thus, giving you a confidence boost that will carry you throughout your day.


3. Friends & Family

In a country like Canada where water-related activities are so popular, not knowing how to swim or being uncomfortable around water, can affect your social interactions and you might miss some really fun activities.

Social Interaction

Feeling good and safe on a pool, river, lake or any other body of water, can open lots of possibilities and plans for you to have fun with your loved ones. Adults that don’t know how to swim usually avoid these plans and can feel rejected by their peers.

Family Time

If your kids are in swimming lessons, what better way to spend time with them than by swimming together? Knowing how to swim will allow parents and guardians to spend quality time with their kids.


4. Life-Saving Skill

Knowing how to swim and feeling comfortable around water will greatly reduce the risk of drowning. By learning basic skills like floating, water-treading, and breathing, you will be able to help yourself and others in case of accidentally falling into the water. 

If you want to take your knowledge forward, you could also learn some basic CPR and emergency response


5. Door to Other Water Sports

 Most water sports require a basic knowledge of swimming. By learning how to swim, you will discover all the possibilities this new skill will open for you. Why not try out stand-up paddle boarding or train for a triathlon? You could also enjoy the thrills of water skiing, canoeing, rafting, and more surface water sports. And if you feel super comfortable in the water, there are lots of very fun underwater sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, underwater hockey, or mermaiding.



Knowing how to swim is a skill all adults should have in their toolkit for social, health and entertainment factors. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how comfortable you are around water, at Davina’s Swim House we promise you can learn to swim. With our teaching methods, you will gain water confidence and start swimming in no time! Register for our adult swimming lessons here