Learn more about the ins and outs of Davina’s Swim House with these 5 fun facts that you probably didn’t know about us. 

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about DSH:

Davina’s Swim House Started As A Backyard Pool

Back in 2003, based on their love for swimming and teaching, our founders Geo and Davina decided to open their own swim school, and since they didn’t have a pool to rent, they built one in their backyard!.


Davina and Geo knew they wanted their new school to offer year-round lessons, so using the same principle as greenhouses, they modified their home pool and enclosed it. Now they were able to offer classes through any weather and season. 

The family ambience, fun environment, and great swim lessons made this location an immediate success. By 2005, the now established DSH brand had expanded to other 3 rented pools, but the backyard one remained the flagship location for another 11 years. In 2016, when the Carluke location officially opened (just 5 minutes away), the OG pool was sold. It was time to move on to bigger waters, but we will never forget the amazing pool that started it all!


Why A Swim House And Not A Swim School?

Before owning the backyard pool, Davina was already building a brand around herself and her teaching skills, that was when ‘‘Swim With Davina’ was born. 

However, in 2005, after 2 years of running swim lessons from her backyard, hiring more instructors and growing the client base, she realized that to reflect all this growth, the brand name had to change. Davina’s Swim House was developed with the belief that every client should feel as warm and comfortable at the swim school as when they would come to visit her home, and since the pool was actually in her house, the name worked perfectly!


We Built a Pool in a Warehouse

2011 arrived, and the continued expansion of DSH called for a new pool, but the offer was limited, and there were no pools available. Nonetheless, Geo and Davina were set on their plans and they decided that if they couldn’t find a pool, they were going to build one!

Located at Keele & Rutherford, the ‘North Location’, as it would be known from that moment on, started as an empty warehouse., Geo, Davina and their team set up to build not only an above-ground pool (which was a challenge on its own) but changerooms, showers, offices and a mechanical room. 

The second full-time location of Davina’s Swim House operated from 2011 to 2016.


We Are Almost 20 Years Old

2023 will be our 20th anniversary, and wow, it has been an amazing voyage! 

As we mentioned above, we opened our doors to the public in 2003 with a backyard pool. By 2005 we had developed our Davina’s Swim House brand, and later that year we had our first expansion with  2 TDSB pools and an apartment building pool. 2011 saw the opening of the North Pool, and in 2013 we inaugurated the third full-time location at Marlee that ended up becoming our main office and pool. In September of 2015, our newest location opened and we introduced the Carluke pool under our Swim House umbrella. To maintain our familiar warm feeling among all clients, the North Pool was sold in order to keep our swim family more united.

In the years to follow, we have rented other TDSB pools and kept Carluke and Marlee as our main locations. DSH currently has 3000 registered swimmers per session and over 100 employees. We are thrilled to be growing our swim family in Toronto and the GTA, and can’t wait to see what new challenges and adventures will the future bring!


Our Logos Through the Years




DSH Developed Its Own Swim Level System

In 2018 the brand DSH was trademarked and the inception of the Love to Splash and Swim program was developed and published. The new program takes Davina’s years of experience and puts it into a program that progresses a swimmer from a beginner to an expert level swimmer through 14 levels. In addition to the Learn to Swim program, Davina’s has also incorporated and remoulded the Love to Bubble program to revolutionize the way we teach babies to swim. 

We hope you had fun learning about DSH and our history. Registration for swim lessons and aquatic leadership courses is open, sign up now and join our amazing swim family. Stay tuned for more DSH facts, and our 20th-anniversary celebration. At Davina’s Swim House we love Building Confident Swimmers, One Splash at a Time!