Having a pool comes with all kinds of benefits: summertime fun, a place to learn how to swim, a place to cool down on a hot day, a great spot for a party, and so on. All of these are perks that come with pool ownership. But the most important thing to consider about pools is their safety. Pool safety applies to everyone, but it especially applies to children. So in order to make your own pool safer for everyone in your family, here are five of the best tips for improving the safety of your pool.

Make sure everyone knows how to swim

Make sure everyone in your house knows how to swim. If they don’t get some swim lessons. When your guests come over and you are not sure about their ability to swim don’t be afraid to ask them to show you if they know how to swim. If they don’t swim give them boundaries and make them wear a life jacket.

Install a safety cover

In the wintertime, when it is time to put the pool to rest for the season, you need to be sure to install a safety cover. These covers look like big trampolines and are spread tightly over the top of the pool. They are used to prevent people from falling through to the less stable covers below. Safety covers are available for both above ground and in ground pools, so no matter which one you own, you’ll find a cover that fits.

Install a pool alarm

If you are shopping around for a pool alarm, there are typically four different types you can purchase:
Perimeter alarms- set up around the perimeter of the pool using lasers, and will go off when something trips those lasers.
Pressure sensitive alarms- sit at the edge of the pool with a sensor tube in the water. When someone or something falls into the pool, the alarm will sound.
Gate alarms- if you have a safety gate around your pool, you should definitely equip it with a gate alarm. The alarm will sound when the gate is opened.
Wearable alarms- these are made for children and are small alarms that are worn around a child’s wrist. When that wrist goes into the water, an alarm will sound. It’s important to note that these alarms don’t make it ok to leave your children unsupervised near the pool; they are just for added safety.

Invest in some pool safety equipment

It’s a good idea to purchase some reliable and good quality pool safety equipment. Pieces of equipment you can purchase include a lifesaver with a rope, and a shepherd’s hook. Keeping this equipment nearby will make pool safety at your home even better.

As a pool owner take courses in first aid and basic pool rescue modules
Learn about the potential hazards and how to manage them. Take courses in first aid and CPR just in case accident that may occur as seconds can make a difference in saving a life. Learn about basic rescue so you are aware and knowledgeable about things that can happen around the pool.

Now that you know some of the best ways to boost your pool safety, you can enjoy your pool with peace of mind and have fun!