About Davina’s Swim House

Founded in 2003 by Davina Schwartz-Lopez, Davina’s Swim House is the product of a young girl’s passion for swimming that blossomed into a motivating career. From instructional to competitive racing, Davina was constantly involved in aquatic programs and began her career in swim instruction in 1993 at a local Toronto swim school.

Through her experiences as a swimmer and teacher, Davina understood and wholly believed that swimming is a skill which everyone should posses. At this point, Davina and her husband, Geo, built a pool in their backyard to see if her vision of creating her very own instructional program could flourish. Flourish it did, and in 2005, the Davina’s Swim House (DSH) brand was developed based on Davina’s goal to deliver quality swimming lessons to each client, while maintaining a warm and comfortable environment – as if they were at home. Since the pool was in her house, the name worked perfectly!

In the Fall of 2006, after the birth of their first child, Geo had joined in running the school full time with Davina. They expanded DSH to 3 rented pools in the Toronto area and continued to experience incredible growth! By Spring of 2011, the North Pool was built from scratch to accommodate the great demand for DSH-style swimming lessons, becoming Davina’s second sole-operated location.

In the years to follow, Davina’s Swim house continued growing to include the Marlee location in 2013, which became the main office and pool location of Davina’s Swim House, as well as the newest location added in September of 2015, Carluke. Davina’s Swim House is now proud to accommodate thousands of registered swimmers in our various programs, while sticking to our roots and continuing to provide exceptional lessons with a home-grown attitude!