a girl with swim goggles in a pool holding a red flutter board, during a private swim lesson at davina's swim house.

Everyone has different learning styles, there are those who thrive in group lessons where they can share with others, and there are those who need a more focused approach. And as with any skill, this is also applicable to swimming. Depending on personalities, needs, fears or previous experiences, a swimmer might prefer one-on-one sessions with an instructor rather than group lessons, which is ok! Both learning styles will get a swimmer to their goals, it is just a matter of comfort and ease. 

The DSH team has created this post to help you understand under which circumstances private swim lessons are more beneficial to a swimmer. Let’s dive in! 


Targeted Skill Development

One of the main benefits of private swimming lessons is that the swimmer will get the opportunity to work one-on-one with their instructor and be able to focus on specific skills or areas of improvement.  

Depending on the swimmer’s needs, the instructor can tailor the program to help them achieve those goals based on their current abilities and where they want to be. For example, if there’s a need to perfect a specific stroke, a need to practice for a swim test, some extra training before rejoining a group lesson, or want more training on water safety, private lessons are the perfect way to achieve those goals.


Overcoming Fears and Barriers

Swimming can be a daunting activity, especially for those who are not comfortable in the water or who have had negative experiences in the past. Private swim lessons are the perfect opportunity to overcome fears and barriers related to swimming and the aquatic environment. The personalized approach allows for extra support and guidance from the instructor, takes out the peer pressure that some can feel in group lessons, provides a safe and supportive environment to learn or practice, and allows those with social anxiety to feel more comfortable asking questions or expressing concerns. 

Once the instructor has helped the swimmer identify the reasons for their fear, they can start working on a tailored program that will build and grow the swimmer’s confidence and comfort in the water at their own pace, and eventually make swimming a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.  


Ideal for Special Needs

As mentioned before, not everyone has the same learning styles, and some people need more attention and support than others. This is why private swim lessons are a great option for individuals with special needs or disabilities. 

The one-on-one nature of private lessons allows the instructor to adapt their teaching style to meet the specific needs of the individual, whether it’s providing extra time for practice, using visual aids, or modifying exercises. Additionally, private lessons can provide a more comfortable and less intimidating environment for individuals with social anxiety or other conditions that may make group lessons challenging.

Overall, private swim lessons offer a personalized, flexible, and targeted approach to learning to swim, making them a great option for individuals of all ages and abilities. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced swimmer, there are many benefits to working with a private instructor to improve your skills and achieve your goals in the water. Ready to make a splash and sign up for private swim lessons? Click here to register.