How We Are Keeping You Safe – COVID-19 FAQ

To provide the safest environment for all our families, we at Davina’s, have taken many measures to help ensure our staff and swim families are safe and comfortable in our facilities. We have worked with the province and public health in the development of our plan and would like to answer the frequently asked questions you have for us, and share some of the changes that have been made in our facility.

Does DSH require proof of vaccination?

Beginning  November 1st, 2021, all spectators and participants 12 years of age or older coming to all Davina’s Swim House locations will be required to provide proof of full vaccination (administered at least 14 days prior).

Proof of vaccination, along with a Government-approved ID, will need to be presented each time you visit our facilities at our check-in points. We will not retain any information provided by you.

Vaccine certificates should be shown printed or on mobile. At the moment we are only accepting the Ministry of Health receipt, no QR codes.
Acceptable forms of ID are:
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship card
  • Driver’s licence
  • Government (Ontario or other) issued identification card, including health card
  • Indian Status Card /Indigenous Membership Card
  • Passport
  • Permanent Resident card

Registered program participants or spectators who are 11 years of age or under, and unable to be vaccinated, will be exempted from these requirements.

According to Ontario regulation, individuals who cannot receive the vaccine due to medical exemptions will be permitted entry with a doctor’s note until recognized medical exemptions can be integrated as part of a digital vaccine certificate.

What are the rules around need to wear a mask?

Masks are mandatory for all adults entering the facility and must be worn at all times. No exceptions.

Swimmer’s age 2 and above are required to wear a mask while inside the facility until they are entering the pool, where they can be removed during the lesson period.  After the lesson is finished, swimmers must put their mask back on before moving off deck, and it must remain on until exiting the building. No exceptions.

All staff are required to wear masks. Face shields will be provided for all instructors in the water with swimmers.

For Parent & Tot classes, all adults must wear a face mask in the facility until they are entering the pool, where they can be removed during the lesson period.  After the lesson is finished, adults must put their mask back on before moving off deck, and it must remain on until exiting the building. No exceptions.

Please refrain from bringing any food or drink into the facility so masks can remain on at all times.

If you are unable to wear a mask, we kindly ask that you do not enter the facility. Thank you.

What is DSH doing to ensure Social Distancing?

Lots of things! Below is a list of the steps we have taken to keep physical distance and avoid congestion:

  • Only one adult per child/family may be allowed in the facility per lesson. No exceptions.
  • Chairs in the lobby and seating on the pool deck are placed 2 metres apart and we ask that you be mindful of others and patient while occupying shared spaces.
  • Traffic flow in and out of the building will be one-way where possible.
  • We ask that swimmers arrive only five minutes before their scheduled class time to keep occupancy numbers within guidelines and walkways clear. Likewise, please exit the building as soon as possible following your child’s lesson to assist us in delivering classes on time for the next lesson.
  • Lesson start times will also be staggered to ensure we have a controlled flow of people into the facilities.
  • All efforts will be made to distance children while they are waiting on deck.
How many people will be in the water or the facility with me?

Capacity: Currently, we are following current capacity regulations. We will continue to follow health inspection recommendations for how many people will be allowed in our facilities and will schedule our lessons to meet and adhere to these requirements.

Number of spectators: We need to adhere to reduced capacities in our facilities. While we love our families to watch our swimmers in the pool, we are requesting you to please only have 1 parent/guardian per family to be present at the lesson (if you have 3 children 7 and under another adult is ok).  Our viewing area will have limited seating.

One Directional Flow: In order to avoid crowds and congregation that usually occurs in the change rooms and pool deck, we have placed one-way traffic stickers to guide you through our facility and allow for distancing outside the pool.  Ensure to keep all belongings with you as you will not return to the same change room. 

Change Rooms

  • Please try to arrive only 5 min prior to the start of your lesson.
  • Come dressed and ready to swim. Swimsuits on prior to arrival will minimize time in the change rooms. 
  • Infants and toddlers who require swim diapers are encouraged to put these on at the facility just before their lesson to promote the longevity and integrity of the diaper.
  • Lockers are not available at this time. Be sure to keep all belongings with you as you will exit through a different change room.
  • After lessons, we request your swimmer only take a quick rinse off. Full showers and hair washing should be saved for home.
What is DSH doing to help keep us safe?

Below is a list of the steps we have taken to keep physical distance and avoid congestion.

  • All adults (including staff) and swimmers age 2 and above that are entering a DSH facility will be required to wear something that protects their mouth and nose.
  • DSH has Greeters at our location front entrances who will be asking a few questions ensuring that all our swimmers, families and staff are safe to enter in the facility. If we do not feel that someone is ok to enter, we will ask them to go home.
  • Reception desks will be equipped with protective acrylic barriers.
  • Instructors in the water with swimmers will be wearing face shields. Our goal is to maintain Davina’s Swim House warm and welcoming environment while also keeping your children and our valued staff safe.
  • We have made some changes to our spaces. We have reduced the amount of seating to maintain the distancing requirements.
  • We are also no longer going to have locker use and lost and found bins so please ensure you don’t leave anything behind.
  • As well with our goggles sales, we are not able to let you try them on before purchase and we won’t have any extras on deck to borrow
What is DSH doing to keep things sanitary?

At Davina’s a clean facility has always been our priority and given the circumstances, we have increased our cleaning regimes. Our frequented touch points and surfaces will be cleaned more frequently throughout the day with proper approved sanitizers.

At our locations, we have multiple hand sanitization stations and wipe stations. Disinfecting wipes will be available throughout the facility and in changing areas.

Hand sanitizer will be available and will be mandatory upon entry.

Feel free to wipe down any changing area or seating, as well as to use the sanitization as you see fit.

What can we do to help keep DSH safe for us and other families?

If you have visited Davina’s Swim House and have come in close contact with anyone who has experienced Covid-19 symptoms, we ask that you please notify us immediately before returning. You may be asked to obtain medical clearance before returning to the swim school.

Any individual with a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 is asked to notify us and remain out of the swim school until receiving medical clearance to return. This includes all siblings and family members.

If you have travelled outside of the country or been in contact with anyone who has, or with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or any flu-like virus, please notify the school immediately before returning. You may be asked to obtain medical clearance before returning to the swim school.

In general, if you are sick or exhibiting symptoms of any illness, we ask that you fully recover before returning to us.

Davina’s Swim House is continuously updating its safety measures so you may see additional precautions being implemented or existing protocols modified.

What is DSH doing to keep their pools clean?

As always, our pools will be properly maintained as we are regulated by the ministry of health. We will continue to ensure our pool chemistry is tested every 2 hours and is within the proper range to continue to disinfect the water. The CDC and WHO have confirmed that the virus is not transmitted through a properly maintained pool.

Can I request a vaccinated instructor?

As of November 1st, all of our instructors will be fully vaccinated. 

Can I drop my swimmer off at swimming lessons?

Swimmers 9 years of age and older are welcome to enter our premises without an adult or guardian. During their swim lesson time, you should be able to be reached at a contact number we have on file and be within close proximity to the swim school.