Swim School FAQs

How and when can I register?

Here at DSH we always group registration sessions together.  Summer and Fall will be grouped together and Winter and Spring.  Current clients will receive a notice of the first week of registration and be given the option of keeping their same day and time during the first week of registration.  After the first week of registration online registration and the office then opens up to new clients

Can I register after the session has already started?

Definitely!  We will pro-rate your fee and only charge you for the remaining lessons.

Do you cancel lessons for bad weather?

Rain, sleet, or snow we are usually open. If we were to ever cancel our lessons, we will always e-mail you, post on Facebook and Instagram with updates and instructions. 

How old does my child need to be to start lessons

Children may start as young as 6 months in our Parent and Tot program.  Children 2 years of age, can start swimming without a caregiver in the water with them.

Can I request a teacher?

You may request a teacher but due to instructor schedules we cannot guarantee a particular instructor.  All of our staff are qualified instructors who hold an Instructor certification and are also lifeguard certified.  They have gone through extensive training sessions on how to teach the Davina’s Swim House program.

Does my child need to wear a swim diaper?

DSH prioritizes clean water and the minimization of pool closures.  Any swimmer who is not fully toilet trained is required to wear a swim diaper with a snug fit around the leg and waist. 

Can I sit on the deck to watch?

Marlee:  We have a designated viewing area to watch lessons from the deck, as well as a closed-circuit live feed of the lessons in the main entrance.

Carluke:  We do not have an on-deck viewing area due to health and safety regulations. We do however have a temperature controlled, designated viewing area with a glass wall to watch lessons.

Sunny View: There is no direct viewing area on the pool deck due to health and safety regulations, although there is a closed-circuit live-feed to a screen from the rear entrance of the school with seating to watch lessons.

Due to health and safety regulations we are required to maintain a cleared pool deck.  Please remain off deck for the duration of your child’s swimming lesson.

What if I miss a lesson?

Effective Winter 2022 Make-Up lessons will be discontinued. There will be no credits or refunds for missed classes.

My swimmer or I are not feeling well

To ensure DSH maintains a healthy environment for swimmers and staff, we request you or your swimmer do not attend programs if demonstrating signs of illness (fever, cough or any other COVID symptoms).  Contact the office to notify the absence, we look forward to seeing you return when healthy.

Will my child earn a level every session?

Every swimmer learns at a different pace.  It may take more or less than a session to complete a level.  Sessions vary in length and as swimmers progress through levels, more skills and content are introduced.  Every session we will continue to practice the necessary skills to progress to the next swimming badge.

What do we need to know for the change rooms?

Carluke and Marlee:  We have 2 family change rooms with individual change stalls to choose from.  Bathing attire must be worn in showers and open areas.  No nudity please.

Sunny View:  We have gender specific change rooms. Children ages 8 and above must use their gender-specific change room exclusively. Adults must follow the same protocol. Children 7 and under may enter the change room of their guardian’s gender, regardless of their own.

We strive for cleanliness in our change rooms and on deck.  Therefore, no food or glass containers are not permitted in change rooms or on deck for safety and assist in keeping things clean for our swimmers.

Change stalls and showers work on a first come, first serve basis. They may not be reserved.

No belongings may be left unattended in changing stalls, or staff may remove them.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles in our facilities or parking lots. Any belongings left at any of our facilities will be placed in the lost & found bin for 1 week before being disposed of.

During the cooler months coat hooks will be available for you to hang your jackets in our lobby areas.

Can I wear my shoes on the deck?

No outdoor shoes please!  For everyone’s health and safety there are no outdoor shoes permitted in our change room areas or on the pool deck. We ask that you bring indoor shoes such as crocks and/or sandals to wear instead.

Strollers – Similar to outdoor shoes, please leave your stroller in the lobby. 

Referral Program

We want to say thank you for recommending us to you friends and family!

As a current or past family, introduce a new family to us and you will receive a $50 credit*.

There is no limit to the number of credits you can receive!  Don’t forget to tell your friend to mention your name when they register in person or on the phone or add your name to “How did you hear about us” when creating their online account and we will add the credit to your account to be used towards future swim lessons.

*Each new family referred results in a $50 electronic credit toward future programs. Credits do not expire, are non-transferable and carry no cash value. Referred families must mention who referred them at the time of registration.

What is your cancelation policy?

Davina’s Swim House will not accommodate session deferrals after the 1st lesson.

  • Up until session billing date, no penalty for withdrawal from programs.
  • From billing date until up to 15 days prior to the session beginning: REFUND issued less $50/child non-refundable credit to account is withheld OR full credit applied to account.
  • From 14 days prior to the first lesson: REFUND issued less a $50/child non-refundable administrative fee plus a $50/child credit to account is withheld OR CREDIT: full credit applied.
  • After the first week of the start of a session – No refund or credit available.
  • An administration fee of $25 will be charged on any refund back to debit or credit card.
  • Credits are non-refundable and have no expiry date.
  • No refunds will be given due to closures initiated by Davina’s Swim House or Governmental agencies. Davina’s Swim House reserves the right to extend the session or credit your account.