Swim School FAQs

How and when can I register?

Registration for the summer and fall session starts in the beginning of May.  Winter and Spring Registration start mid October. Current Clients receive a notice of the first week of registration.  Clients get first choice of previously held dates and times in the first week of registration.  After the first week of registration the office then opens up to new clients.

Can I register after the session has already started?

Yes you can, and we will pro-rate all past classes. and the weeks missed will be prorated

How old does my child need to be to start lessons

Registration for the summer and fall session starts in the beginning of May.  Winter and Spring Children may start as early as 6 months with a caregiver with them in the water.  Children 2 years of age, can start swimming without a caregiver in the water with them.

Do we need to live in the area in order to join the swim school?

There are no geographic restrictions to joining the swim school. Our clientele have traveled from all over Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area to participate in the Davina Swim House experience.

Can I try out a few classes before deciding whether to register?

We do not allow ‘try-outs’. You must register entirety of the session.

If my child is not toilet trained can they still swim?

Yes.  Please ensure your child wears a disposable/reusable swim diaper until they are fully potty-trained. Accidents do happen in the pool, but we like to be extra careful.

Can I stay on deck while my child has their lesson?

Marlee:  We have a designated viewing area for the family and friends to watch the lessons from the deck, as well as a closed-circuit live feed of the lessons in the main entrance.

Carluke:  We do not have an on deck viewing area due to health and safety regulations. We do however have a temperature controlled, designated viewing area for family/friends to watch lessons directly facing the pool.

Sunnyview: There is no direct viewing area on the pool deck due to health and safety regulations, although there is a closed-circuit live-feed to a screen from the rear entrance of the school , with seating for parents to watch lessons.

Due to health and safety regulations we are required to maintain a cleared pool deck.  Please remain off deck for the duration of your child’s swimming lesson.

If my child doesn’t achieve the level they are going for what happens next session?

Every swimmer learns at a different pace.  It may take more or less than a session to complete a level. Every session we will continue to practice the necessary skills to progress to the next swimming badge.

Can I request a teacher?

You may request a teacher but due to instructor schedules we cannot guarantee a particular instructor.  All of our staff are qualified instructors who hold an Instructor certification and are also lifeguard certified.  They have gone through extensive training sessions on how to teach the Davina’s Swim House program.

May we speak to the instructors?

We prefer that instructors focus on their classes and the safety in the pool, if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress, please either contact the office or talk with our facility managers.

What do I need to bring to my swimming lesson

Please remember to bring a bathing suit, towel and goggles(if needed) to every swimming lesson. We also ask that everyone in attendance bring a change of shoes, to help keep our change rooms and pool decks clean.

How early should I come before my class?

We appreciate if you would come 10-15 minutes before the start of your lesson to make sure you are changed and ready to go at the start of the instructional period.

What are your change room policies?

Carluke and Marlee:  we have family change rooms, with a no nudity policy.

Sunnyview:  We have gender specific change rooms. Children ages 7 and above must use their gender-specific change room exclusively. Adults must follow the same protocol. Children 6 and under may enter the change room of their guardian’s gender, regardless of their own.

All Change rooms we ask that everyone entering the change rooms wear a pair of indoor water safe shoes, such as crocks and/or sandals. We also ask that no food is brought into the change rooms (please be nut aware). No belongings should be left unattended in change stalls and/or showers, or staff may remove them. You may leave belongings in the lockers, on hooks and or the benches provided.