Kids Love to Swim Lessons 1-5

Kids Swimming Lessons Toronto & North York

Kids swimming lessons at our four Toronto and North York locations focus on endurance and independence. In so doing, we develop front and back short- and long-distance swimming skills without assistance, teach kids deep water jumps, the front crawl and safety skills.

If you have any questions about our kids swimming lesson classes, we invite you to email us at or call us at (647) 352-7665.

Love to Swim 1
This level utilizes the skills learned in the pre-school levels to develop endurance and independence in the water. After successful completion swimmers are able to swim for a short distance on front and back without assistance.

  • 5 meter distance swim
  • Independent breathing
  • Focus on exhaling through mouth and/or nose
  • Front and back glides / floats
  • Site orientation and rules of the pool

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Love to Swim 2
Swimmers develop their endurance and ability while strengthening the techniques learned in level 1 in order to swim a longer distance independently. Deep water jumps are introduced, as well as important safety skills in and around an aquatic setting.

  • 10 meter distance swim
  • Front and back swim
  • Introduction to EMS / 9-1-1
  • Assisted deep water activities
  • Rollover glides

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Love to Swim 3
This level introduces swimmers to the basic concept of front crawl. Swimmers learn the preliminary arm and leg movements, as well as work on their endurance for more complex front and back swimming. Water safety is reviewed and expanded on as well.

  • 15 meter distance swim
  • Deep water floats
  • Front swim with big arms
  • Strong back swim
  • 20 seconds treading
  • lifejackets and HELP position

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Love to Swim 4
In this level, students progress to learning the complete Front Crawl stroke, incorporating coordination of movement and breathing. Swimmers also begin to learn the preliminary movements associated with back crawl.

  • 25 meter distance swim
  • 45 seconds treading
  • Front crawl
  • Introduction to back crawl
  • Hazard identification, swim with a buddy, self help

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Love to Swim 5
This level expands upon strengthening Front Crawl and completion of Back Crawl, along with physical and aerobic endurance. Swimmers are also introduced to the whip kick required for Elementary Backstroke. Water safety knowledge becomes more in-depth and includes basic self-rescuing and prevention.

  • 50 meter distance swim
  • 1 minute treading
  • Front crawl, back crawl and whip kick
  • Stay warm

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