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swimmers, one splash
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Swimming Lessons Toronto

At Davina’s Swim House, we believe that confidence in and around water is a necessary safety skill that will last a lifetime.

Parent & Tot

Love to Splash
Preschool 1 – 4

Love to Swim

Patrol Levels

Adult Lessons


Parent & Tot Program


Designed by the experienced Davina’s Swim House team, this program for swimmers aged 6 months-24 months focuses on helping caregivers and their little ones build confidence in the water. Caregivers will learn how to hold, submerge and assist with learning, while swimmers navigate new skills like floating, kicking, blowing bubbles and jumping. Instructors also demonstrate safe practices and teach infant first aid procedures. Songs, games and toys make the class fun for everyone!

LOVE TO SPLASH – Preschool

Love to Splash 1 (Sea Turtle)

Love to Splash 1 is the first un-parented level in the Red Cross pre-school program. It is geared towards first-time swimmers, or as a transition to independent swimming for toddlers after Parent & Tot.

Children learn fully assisted basic swimming skills, safety and coordination with an instructor on an individualized, 3-to-1 rotational basis.

Skills include:
  • Physical hand and leg coordination
  • Breath control
  • Floating
  • Submersion
  • Stop, look, ask, and finding the adult.
Love to Splash 2 (Sea Otter)

Love to Splash 2 builds on the progress that children learned in Sea Turtle, with a focus on more independent skills. Swimmers begin to develop strength in their co-ordination.

Skills include:
  • Semi-assisted floats and glides
  • Semi-assisted jumps
  • Semi-assisted front and back swim
  • Rhythmic breathing techniques
  • Safe entries and exits
Love to Splash 3 (Salamander)

Love to Splash 3 focuses on developing endurance alongside coordination skills to create a more confident and independent swimmer.

Skills include:
  • Complete a short distance swim on their fronts and backs
  • Use proper breathing and balancing techniques with minimal assistance.
  • Float on front and back with recovery
  • Rhythmic breathing techniques
  • Water safety skills are expanded on; including where and when it is safe to


Love to Swim-1

This level utilizes the skills learned in the pre-school levels to develop endurance and independence in the water. Swimmers are able to swim for a short distance on front and back without assistance.

Skills include:
  • P5 meter distance swim
  • Independent breathing
  • Focus on exhaling through mouth and/or nose
  • Front and back glides / floats
Love to Swim-2

Swimmers develop their endurance and ability while strengthening the techniques learned in level 1 in order to swim a longer distance independently. Deep water jumps are introduced, as well as important safety skills in and around an aquatic setting.

Skills include:
  • 10 meter distance swim
  • Introduction to EMS / 9-1-1
  • Assisted deep water activities
  • Rollover glides
Love to Swim-3

This level introduces swimmers to the basic concept of front crawl. Swimmers learn the preliminary arm and leg movements, as well as work on their endurance for more complex front and back swimming. Water safety is reviewed and expanded on as well.

Skills include:
  • 15 meter distance swim
  • Deep water floats
  • Sitting dives
  • Front swim with big arms
  • Strong back swim
  • 20 seconds treading

Love to Swim-4

In this level, students progress to learning the complete Front Crawl stroke, incorporating coordination of movement and breathing. Swimmers also begin to learn the preliminary movements associated with back crawl.

Skills include:
  • 25 meter distance swim
  • Self-safety
  • Kneeling dives
  • 45 seconds treading
  • Front crawl
  • Introduction to back crawl
Love to Swim-5

This level expands upon strengthening Front Crawl and completion of Back Crawl, along with physical and aerobic endurance. Swimmers are also introduced to the whip kick required for Elementary Backstroke. Water safety knowledge becomes more in-depth and includes basic self-rescuing and prevention.

Skills include:
  • 50 meter distance swim
  • Safe boating
  • 1 minute treading
  • Front crawl, back crawl and whip kick
Love to Swim-6

In this level, swimmers complete the Elementary Backstroke, while strengthening and perfecting the previously learned strokes. Endurance is focused on as well, with lengthened distance swims.

Skills include:
  • 75 meter distance swim
  • Introduction to dolphin kick
  • Distressed swimmer recognition
  • Sculling on back
  • Tread water 1.5 minutes
  • Front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke

Love to Swim-7

This level provides an introduction to Breast Stroke. Swimmers learn the preliminary steps, including whip kick on front and breathing patterns. Previous strokes learned are expanded upon, as swimmers learn bi-lateral breathing for Front Crawl.

Skills include:
  • 150 meter distance swim
  • Throwing assist with a line
  • Mild/Severe airway obstruction
  • Introduction to eggbeater kick
  • Front crawl (bent arm), back crawl, elementary backstroke and front whip kick
  • Introduction to stride entry
Love to Swim-8

In this level, swimmers complete Breast Stroke, while continuing to perfect their previously learned strokes. Safety and basic first aid knowledge is expanded upon, as well as endurance.

Skills include:
  • 300 meter distance swim
  • Eggbeater kick / treading 3 minutes
  • Hypothermia
  • Feet-first surface dives
  • Adult and child rescue breathing
  • Front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breast stroke
Love to Swim-9

In this level, swimmers learn Side Stroke while correcting and perfecting their previous strokes. Endurance and technique are the focus, along with safety.

Skills include:
  • 400 meter distance swim
  • Legs-only travelling 3 minutes
  • Peer influence / wise choices
  • Self rescue – fall through ice
  • Head-first surface dives
  • Front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breast stroke, side stroke

Love to Swim-10

This is the final level of the Swim Kids program, in preparation for Patrol and Bronze levels. Swimmers learn the Butterfly stroke, fine-tune all other strokes, and increase endurance and strength, as well as safety.

Skills include:
  • 500 meter distance swim
  • Sun smart
  • Ice rescue
  • 2 meter underwater swim with surface dives
  • Front crawl, back crawl, elementary back stroke, breast stroke, side stroke, butterfly

Lifesaving Patrol Levels

Rookie Patrol

Swimmers continue stroke development with 50 m swims of front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. Lifesaving Sport skills include a 25 m obstacle swim and 15 m object carry. First aid focuses on assessment of conscious victims, contacting EMS and treatment for bleeding. Fitness improves in 350 m workouts and 100 m timed swims.

Ranger Patrol

Swimmers develop better strokes over 75 m swims of each stroke. They tackle Lifesaving Sport skills in a lifesaving medley, timed object support and rescue with a buoyant aid. First aid focuses on assessment of unconscious victims, treatment of victims in shock and obstructed airway procedures. Skill drills develop a strong lifesaving foundation.

Star Patrol

Swimmers are challenged with 600 m workouts, 300 m timed swims and a 25 m object carry. Strokes are refined over 100 m swims. First aid focuses on treatment of bone or joint injuries and respiratory emergencies including asthma and allergic reactions. Lifesaving skills include defence methods, victim removals and rolling over and supporting a victim face up in shallow water. Upon completion of each level a candidate will receive: Swim Patrol Kit – includes personal wall chart, recognition seals (H2O
Proficiency, First Aid, Rescue), Award Crest, Award Seal – one sticker for each of the Swim Patrol levels (Rookie, Ranger & Star)

Adult Swim


It’s never too late to learn how to swim! Davina’s Swim House offers two adult levels, beginner or intermediate. The beginner level is for adults who have little to no experience swimming, have a fear of the water that they would like to conquer, or who have little knowledge of formal swimming strokes. The intermediate level is for adults who are comfortable swimming in all areas of the pool, and who would like to improve their stokes, endurance, or train for events. All adult classes are taught by warm, caring instructors with lots of experience!



Once some swimmers have completed the 10-level Red Cross Swim Kids program, as well as the Lifesaving Society 3-level Patrol program, they may choose to continue swimming to maintain endurance and fitness before attempting the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses. Davina’s Swim House offers two styles of fitness programs:

RACING – The racing-style program gives students a taste of competitive swimming. They will learn flip turns, racing dives, how to read a racing clock, as well as complete racing drills and timed races.

PHYSICAL IMPROVEMENT – This class is designed for swimmers who have either completed the Swim Kids program and would like to maintain their skills, or for swimmers who have not had formal training (or have not been swimming for some time) and need to improve their strokes / endurance. It is mainly focused on form, physical fitness, improving anaerobic endurance and using swimming as a full body exercise.

What our clients are saying

Ali Says…

“All of my kids love swimming at Davina’s Swim House. All of the instructors are well trained to work with children and create a fun and enjoyable safe environment.”

– May, 2016
Cindy Says…

“My 4 year old was reluctant to swim. He hated to get his hair wet, wailed when on his back and would not wear goggles. After the 2nd class he was laughing, proud of himself and going under water! He is happy to to come to swim and looks forward to swimming all week. Davina’s Swim House is teaching Liam to swim and be confident in the water. I am ready to enjoy my summer swimming with my son!”

– April, 2016
Mindy Says…

“I wanted to send a special thank you to Debbie, Liat and Erin who ALL went above and beyond to make my daughter’s swimming lesson a success yesterday. She went from refusing to get in the water, to sitting on the edge with Liat, to swimming lengths with her instructor. All within a half hour. My daughter has anxiety relating to new experiences and potential failure. Everyone worked together to ensure there was a plan in place she was comfortable with and let her have the sense of control she needed.”

– March, 2016
Lucy Says…

“We love the clean warm salt water pool at Davina’s. As a mother of a parent and tot I thought I would not enjoy the experience of going in the water with my little one, but Davina’s facility is so warm and welcoming I look forward to my class each week. My 18 month loves swimming and is progressing into a little swimmer. She loves jumping, going under and singing songs on her back. Thank you Davina’s Swim House for making this experience memorable.”

– March, 2016
Ronell Says…

“Out of the many children programs our children has been enrolled in, the staff at Davina is by far the “BEST”! Both our children, Sage and Ocean are extremely excited to see the staff every week. Your professionalism, patience and passion for swimming; in addition to your love for children is felt by many!”

– May 2016