picture of DSH owner Davina Lopez

A passionate swimmer since a young age, Davina Lopez, owner of Davina’s Swim House, has always believed swimming instruction should be focused on fun and safety. With more than 20 years of experience as a swim school owner, instructor and parent, there’s a lot of advice and tips she can give. Want to know what she has to say? Let’s talk with Davina!


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Davina Lopez, the owner of Davina’s Swim House, I have 3 beautiful children and a wonderful husband. I’ve been teaching swimming for about 30 years, and almost 20 years ago my husband and I started the swim school. DSH’s 20th anniversary is coming soon! 


What do you like most about swimming?

Swimming has always been a part of my life. As a baby, my mom and I did a Parent & Tot program, so for me, swimming is almost like walking, I’ve been doing it forever, and it’s like second nature to me. Whether I’m swimming laps or doing water activities at beaches, swimming pools, lakes or rivers, I love the feeling of being free in the water and enjoying everything that it gives me. I can’t imagine my life without water. For me, it’s all about just being out and having fun. 


What about teaching how to swim?

Nothing gives you more pleasure than watching any swimmer becoming water-safe in your pool. When they achieve taking that first breath or they grab onto that wall and they know how to turn to their back, and you know that from that moment on they will have a lifetime of safe water enjoyment, it’s the greatest feeling. That’s why I do what I do because we want people to be safe in and around the water and just by allowing that to happen through our swim school is why we’re still in this business. 


What’s the most challenging part about being a swim instructor?

You get waterlogged, I’m not going to deny it, and you know sometimes it’s tiring, sometimes there are long hours, and it’s a long day, and you might get kids who are not the happiest and you got to make them happy, so you’re always on, so I think that’s the hardest part. But again, when you get that kid who in the middle of your day all of the sudden comes up for that breath, or turns on their back, or does such a great accomplishment, whatever it is, it gives you that renewed energy. So, I think that that makes up for those moments.

I always say that it is the easiest job in terms of the business, to just be free and in the water and to have no distractions, what else could you ask for?


Any advice for people who want to teach swimming?

Just do it, it’s such a great feeling! First of all, you get to be in the water, which is amazing, and then, you get to swim around and you are teaching a life skill, and you’re giving confidence to people. 

Where else do you get to smile on your job, sing songs, splash around, be in the water, and just have fun? It’s not just a job, a fun place to be, you should just go and do it. 


Why should parents register their kids for swimming lessons?

It’s a life skill, you need to teach your children, or yourself (there are a lot of adults out there who don’t know how to swim,) especially in Canada, we are so involved with water. Whether it’s a swimming pool, a lake, or a river, there’s always swimming, no matter what. When you go on vacation, where do you go? You go somewhere where there’s swimming. It would actually take you some time to you to figure out how not to have a vacation near water. In my case, I always pack bathing suits, since I know there’s always going to be water. 

If you and your kids know how to swim it will give you that freedom of not having to worry about your plans or destination. No more thinking “my kid doesn’t swim and I have to worry about it the whole trip.” Knowing how to swim brings peace of mind.  


Why choose DSH?

We are happy people and we want to make sure that everybody is warm and happy in our environment. The reason why we are Davina’s Swim House is that we want it to feel like everyone’s home here, and we want to give that homey feeling, that everyone is part of our family and that we want people to be successful. We want any swimmer to learn how to be safe in and out of the water, and we have the passion and the love for it, and we want to bring that to everyone. 


Any tips for parents starting the swim journey with their kids?

Every child starts at a different point, there are no two children alike. If you have three children, all three of them will have their own start on their swim journey. It’s just like school, it’s just like toilet training, it’s just like walking, some might start early and get to the finish line a little faster, and others might need some time, but eventually they all get to the finish line. Just be patient with it and let us work with your child. Don’t put that pressure that they have to be at a certain spot at a certain time frame because we are all different, and we all have different fears, skills, comfort levels, and starting points.  It is ok to advance at their own pace, through constant practice everyone will learn how to swim, it’s just some take a little bit more, and some take a little bit less. 


And any advice for swimmers?

Just enjoy the water!  As I said, you might start at a different point than your friend, but it’s ok, because we will get you both to the same spot at the end, and it’s not a competition, it’s just meant to be at your pace. Swimming it’s a life journey, because once you learn how to swim then you can start doing other things and other sports, like a triathlon, windsurfing, sailing, or whatever it is. We are just starting you off on that journey, but later on, you might decide to take it to a whole different level. We’re here to start your journey, but you are there to continue it. 


Listen to Davina and start your swim journey. DSH offers year-round swim lessons for kids and adults of all levels. Register and come make a splash with us!