Love to Swim – Advanced


Love to Swim – Advanced Class Registrations

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    • Carluke
    • Marlee
    • Lawrence Park
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    • Carluke
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    • Lawrence Park


Love to Swim – Advanced Class Descriptions

LSS Patrol Program

Rookie Patrol

Swimmers continue stroke development with 50 m swims of front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. Lifesaving Sport skills include a 25 m obstacle swim and 15 m object carry. First aid focuses on assessment of conscious victims, contacting EMS and treatment for bleeding. Fitness improves in 350 m workouts and 100 m timed swims.

Ranger Patrol

Swimmers develop better strokes over 75 m swims of each stroke. They tackle Lifesaving Sport skills in a lifesaving medley, timed object support and rescue with a buoyant aid. First aid focuses on assessment of unconscious victims, treatment of victims in shock and obstructed airway procedures. Skill drills develop a strong lifesaving foundation.

Star Patrol

Swimmers are challenged with 600 m workouts, 300 m timed swims and a 25 m object carry. Strokes are refined over 100 m swims. First aid focuses on treatment of bone or joint injuries and respiratory emergencies including asthma and allergic reactions. Lifesaving skills include defence methods, victim removals and rolling over and supporting a victim face up in shallow water. Upon completion of each level a candidate will receive: Swim Patrol Kit – includes personal wall chart, recognition seals (H2O Proficiency, First Aid, Rescue), Award Crest, Award Seal – one sticker for each of the Swim Patrol levels (Rookie, Ranger & Star)


Once some swimmers have completed the 10-level Red Cross Swim Kids program, as well as the Lifesaving Society 3-level Patrol program, they may choose to continue swimming to maintain endurance and fitness before attempting the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses. Davina’s Swim House offers two styles of fitness programs:

RACING – The racing-style program gives students a taste of competitive swimming. They will learn flip turns, racing dives, how to read a racing clock, as well as complete racing drills and timed races.

PHYSICAL IMPROVEMENT – This class is designed for swimmers who have either completed the Swim Kids program and would like to maintain their skills, or for swimmers who have not had formal training (or have not been swimming for some time) and need to improve their strokes / endurance. It is mainly focused on form, physical fitness, improving anaerobic endurance and using swimming as a full body exercise.