Meet Our Swim School Family

Davina Lopez, owner of Davina's Swim House


Owner of Davina’s Swim House

Davina has been teaching swimmers since 1993. She believes that every swimmer deserves to have an individualized swimming experience. Davina enjoys weekends at the cottage skiing with her 3 kids. She loves being the foundation of DSH and holding the house together with her husband Geo!

Davina sits on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Swim School Alliance and the United States Swim School Association

Geo Lopez - Owner Davina's Swim House


Owner of Davina’s Swim House

Geo started running the swim school full-time with Davina in 2006. Geo enjoys building projects and relaxing with his family on his boat at the cottage. Geo loves being the foundation of DSH and holding the house together with his wife Davina!

Kate Watson, General Manager at Davina's Swim House


General Manager

Kate has been teaching swimming since she was 16 years old. Her love of teaching the little ones and the advanced leadership programs has kept Kate in the water and on the deck. Kate loves all water-related activities in the summer, and skiing in the winter. She lovers cooking and hanging out with her family and Kota, her rescue dog. Kate’s favourite room is the pool deck watching the smiles on the staff and swimmers.

Aaron L, Operations Manager at Davina's Swim House

Aaron L

Operations Manager

Aaron has been working at DSH since 2006. As the Operations Manager, he takes pride in his pool as well as his staff. Aaron likes to watch the Habs beat the Leafs in the playoffs in his spare time and hang out with his wife and 3 pets. His favourite room at Davina’s Swim House is the Foyer so that he can stand at the front door and greet all of our happy swimmers – he knows them all by name!

Debbie G - Office Manager at Marlee


Office Manager – Marlee

Debbie is the office manager at the Marlee location and has been with Davina since the very beginning! She enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two amazing kids. Debbie’s favourite room at Davina’s Swim House is the Play Room, where she gets to play with all the kids and endless games!

Katie, Programs and Aquatics Coordinator


Manager of Aquatics & Programs

Katie has been teaching swim lessons since she was 16 and working full-time in the aquatics industry overseeing programming, staff development, and teaching advanced leadership for over 9 years. Katie brings enthusiasm and a love of working with children and youth to her role, she enjoys spending her free time downhill skiing in the Winter and participating in all things water-related in the Summer (ex. swimming, waterskiing, stand-up paddle boarding, and white-water rafting).  Her favourite room is the pool itself – interacting and working with all our swimmers and staff.

Elliott, Manager of Aquatics at Marlee


Manager of Aquatics – Marlee

Elliot has been working in aquatics for the past 10 years in both the public and private sectors. He is very excited to be part of the warm, friendly, and welcoming environment of Davina’s Swim House. Elliott studied theatre in both high school and post-secondary and particularly enjoys spending time watching movies and television shows. He does his best to keep up to date with the latest releases, but to also honour the classics. Elliott also enjoys travelling and seeing the world. His favourite room is the reception area – Elliott loves to see our happy swimmers come eagerly to start their lessons and excited to collect their stickers on their way home.

Riley J - Aquatic Coordinator at Davina's Swim House


Aquatic Coordinator

Riley has been working in aquatics at DSH since he was 13 years old. He has taken an interest in advanced lifesaving courses such as Bronze Cross and National lifeguard as well as aquatic supervision and management. Plus, he’s been deck supervisor for three years. Riley really enjoys training future Lifesavers and Lifeguards and the ability to make a difference for the people coming to DSH to learn a life skill. His favourite food is pasta, and he loves spending time with his three cats: Callie, Ruby and Pepi. When not working, Riley likes to go camping, canoeing and, if on vacation, surfing!

Latesha - Customer Service Manager at Davina's Swim House


Customer Service Manager

Latesha has over 5 years of Customer Service experience. She studied Social Service Work and loves working with kids. On her free time, Latesha enjoys making natural skin oils and body jewelry. Her favourite room at DSH is the Viewing Gallery, from where she can see all swimmers grow and get more confident!

Valentina Navas - Communications & Social Media Manager at Davina's Swim House


Communications & Social Media Manager

Valentina is a passionate digital marketer that loves taking great pictures of our swimmers and creating entertaining content for our followers. She is a die-hard fan of all things Disney (Star Wars & Marvel included) and what she loves the most is going horseback riding. Her favourite room at DSH is the Pool Deck, where she can watch all our swimmers learning and having fun.

Zoë - Deck Lead at the Marlee pool at Davina's Swim House


Deck Lead – Marlee

Zoë has over 7 years of aquatic experience in leadership, lessons, and fitness. She really enjoys working with little ones and watching them develop into strong swimmers. Shortly after graduating with a BFA from OCAD University, she began her full-time position at Davina’s Swim House. Zoë has a strong passion for art and music. She proudly holds an award as a finalist from London’s International Music Video Awards. Her favourite spot at DSH is the patio in the summertime where she can enjoy freezies and the beautiful weather with her coworkers.