Registration Policy

  • To ensure placement in any session, we require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $50.00 per child to reserve and hold your spot within that session. The balance is due by Visa, MasterCard or post-dated cheque, payable on the designated date to be determined by Davina’s Swim House (If you pay by cheque, you must hand in the deposit and the post-dated cheque for the remainder balance to hold your spot).
  • Any unpaid balance after the designated date may be subject to a late-payment fee of $10.00 per swimmer, per day.
  • Payment is due in full upon registration after the designated balance collection date.
  • Payment by cheque will not be accepted once the session begins. Only Visa or MasterCard will be accepted.
  • All registration must be done by e-mail, fax or in person. A complete form, together with full payment is necessary for registration.
  • If you pull out of a session and then choose to re-register, you are not guaranteed your original spot.

NSF Cheques/ Declined Credit Cards

  • Any NSF cheque is subject to an administrative charge of $35.00.
  • Any declined credit card payment may be subject to an administrative charge of $5.00. The replacement payment must be by way of cash, certified cheque or a valid credit card payment.


Withdrawal and Cancelation Refunds/Credits

  • Davina’s Swim House will not accommodate session deferrals after the 1st lesson, unless approved individually by management.
  • A pro-rated credit may be available upon withdrawal from the session, in writing, before the start of the 2nd lesson within the session.
Time of withdrawalAssociated Fees
Up until 2 weeks prior to session beginning$50/child deposit is withheld OR full credit applied
2 weeks before start of session$25/child administrative fee plus $50/child deposit is withheld OR full credit applied
After the first lessonNo refund available. (Credit may be granted subject to Davina’s Swim House discretion)
After the second lessonNo refund or Credit available.

Missed Classes

  • Davina’s Swim House does not offer make-up lessons for missed classes.
  • There will be no credits or refunds issued for missed classes, unless the cancellation is initiated by Davina’s Swim House.
  • In the case of a pool closure initiated by Davina’s Swim House, a credit will be applied to your account. No refunds will be issued.

Medical Emergency

  • In cases of unique, extended medical absence, Davina’s Swim House will offer individual, case-by-case solutions.

Swim diapers

  • Until children are fully toliet-trained, swim diapers are required.  Accidents do happen in the pool, so we like to be extra cautious.  Disposable or reusable swim diapers are acceptable.  No regular diapers in the pool.


Class Changes

  • If you require a change to your class time throughout the session, accommodation of your request is not guaranteed. Should we be able to accommodate your request, your first change will be honoured free of charge.  Any subsequent changes will be subject to a $10.00 fee.
  • In the event that Davina’s Swim House initiates a change to your class time, no fee will be taken.


Requesting Teachers

  • We do our best to honor all instructor requests, but they are not guaranteed.
  • Should your requested instructor’s schedule be altered throughout the session, Davina’s Swim House is not obligated to accommodate a schedule change.
  • Any schedule change initiated by a patron will be subject to the $10.00 fee as per regular policy.



  • Children ages 7 and above must use their gender-specific change-room exclusively. Adults must follow the same protocol.
  • Children 6 and under may enter the change room of their guardian’s gender, regardless of their own.
  • No belongings may be left unattended in changing stalls, or staff may remove them. Please leave belongings in a locker, on the benches or hang on the hooks.
  • Showers and changing stalls are on a first come first serve basis and may not be reserved.
  • If any patron is not following change room protocol, please alert a staff member and we will resolve the situation.

Personal Belongings

  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles in our facilities or parking lots.
  • Any belongings left at any of our facilities will be placed in the lost & found. Lost & found bins will be emptied regularly.


Pool Rules

  • There may be NO eating or drinking other than water in or around change rooms and pool decks.
  • No glass containers are allowed on deck or near the pool.
  • No outside shoes may be worn in any change rooms or on any pool deck.
  • Parents, when dropping off swimmers, may not crowd the pool area and are requested to minimize conversations with instructors, as they are a safety hazard.
  • Any staff member of Davina’s Swim House who deems a patron to be a safety hazard reserves the right to eject them from the facility.



  • You may take photos of your child during lessons.  Please be sure it is only your child in the photo.
  • Staff reserve the right to view photos if there is a concern.
  • You accept that you or your child may be pictured/photographed by an assigned member of Davina’s Swim House staff and such material can be used by Davina’s Swim House.  If you do not want your child to be photographed, please notify the office.  Notice will be given and individual permission will be asked before any photography commences.


What our clients are saying

Lucy Says…

“We love the clean warm salt water pool at Davina’s. As a mother of a parent and tot I thought I would not enjoy the experience of going in the water with my little one, but Davina’s facility is so warm and welcoming I look forward to my class each week. My 18 month loves swimming and is progressing into a little swimmer. She loves jumping, going under and singing songs on her back. Thank you Davina’s Swim House for making this experience memorable.”

– March, 2016
Ali Says…

“All of my kids love swimming at Davina’s Swim House. All of the instructors are well trained to work with children and create a fun and enjoyable safe environment.”

– May, 2016
Ronell Says…

“Out of the many children programs our children has been enrolled in, the staff at Davina is by far the “BEST”! Both our children, Sage and Ocean are extremely excited to see the staff every week. Your professionalism, patience and passion for swimming; in addition to your love for children is felt by many!”

– May 2016
Mindy Says…

“I wanted to send a special thank you to Debbie, Liat and Erin who ALL went above and beyond to make my daughter’s swimming lesson a success yesterday. She went from refusing to get in the water, to sitting on the edge with Liat, to swimming lengths with her instructor. All within a half hour. My daughter has anxiety relating to new experiences and potential failure. Everyone worked together to ensure there was a plan in place she was comfortable with and let her have the sense of control she needed.”

– March, 2016
Cindy Says…

“My 4 year old was reluctant to swim. He hated to get his hair wet, wailed when on his back and would not wear goggles. After the 2nd class he was laughing, proud of himself and going under water! He is happy to to come to swim and looks forward to swimming all week. Davina’s Swim House is teaching Liam to swim and be confident in the water. I am ready to enjoy my summer swimming with my son!”

– April, 2016