Davina’s Swim House Policies & Procedures


To ensure placement in any session, we require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $50.00 per child to reserve and hold your spot within that session. The balance is due by Visa, MasterCard or debit, payable on the designated date to be determined by Davina’s Swim House.

  • Any unpaid balance after the designated date may be subject to a late-payment fee of $10.00 per swimmer, per day.
  • Payment is due in full upon registration after the designated balance collection date.
  • All registration must be done by e-mail, online or in person.
  • If you pull out of a session and then choose to re-register, you are not guaranteed your original spot.
  • Any declined credit card payment may be subject to an administrative charge of $5.00. The replacement payment must be by way of cash, certified cheque or a valid credit card payment.

Withdrawal and Cancellation

  • Davina’s Swim House will not accommodate session deferrals after the 1st lesson.
  • A pro-rated credit of non-monetary value may be available upon withdrawal from the session, in writing, before the start of the 2nd lesson within the session.
  • Up until 15 days prior to session beginning – $50/child deposit is withheld OR full credit applied.
  • 14 days prior to the first lesson – $25/child administrative fee plus $50/child deposit is withheld OR full credit applied.
  • After the first week of the start of a session – No refund or credit available.
  • No refunds will be given due to closures initiated by Davina’s Swim House or Governmental agencies. Davina’s Swim House reserves the right to extend the session or credit your account.

Illness Policy

To ensure DSH maintains a healthy environment for swimmers and staff, we request you or your swimmer do not attend programs if demonstrating signs of illness (fever, cough or any other COVID symptoms). Contact the office to notify of absence and make-up lessons can be reschedule when healthy. DSH will follow all guidelines and recommendations from the Ontario Ministry of Health. If you are demonstrating the signs of Covid-19, Davina’s Swim House reserves the right to ask you to leave the premises. A make-up lesson will be scheduled.

Make-Up Lessons

If a swimmer is ill, the missed class can be made up after the start of programs.

  • Notice must be received in writing or a phone call prior to the start of the missed class to qualify for a make-up lesson.
  • There will be no credits or refunds for missed classes.
  • Swimmers are permitted one make-up class per lesson block. Make-ups will only be scheduled after the missed class and will not be scheduled during the first 2 weeks or the last week of a session. The class must be made-up within the year and the swimmer must be registered in the current session to book a make-up class. Make-ups will be scheduled into already existing openings. DSH does not guarantee same day, time or instructor.

Change rooms and personal belongings

  • Children ages 7 and above must use their gender-specific change-room exclusively at our TDSB pools. Adults must follow the same protocol.
  • One directional flow is being enforced through facilities. Personal belongings are not to be left in change rooms.
  • Gender neutral change rooms require participants to change in changing stalls with no nudity in showers or open area.
  • Showers and change cubicles work on a first come first served basis. They may not be reserved.
  • No belongings may be left unattended in changing stalls, or staff may remove them.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles in our facilities or parking lots. Any belongings left at any of our facilities will be placed in the lost & found bin for 24 hours before being disposed of.

Swim Diapers

Davina’s Swim House prioritizes clean water and the minimization of pool closures. Any swimmer who is not fully toilet trained is required to wear a swim diaper with a snug fit around the legs and waist.


  • Parents/guardians may take photos of their child during lessons. Only your child is permitted to be in the photo.
  • Staff reserve the right to view photos if there is a concern.
  • You accept that you or your child may be pictured/photographed by an assigned member of Davina’s Swim House staff and such material can be used by Davina’s Swim House. If you do not want your child to be photographed, please notify the office. Notice will be given and individual permission will be asked before any photography commences.


I consent to receiving email communications from Davina’s Swim House regarding my current programs, closures, upcoming programs, receipts, etc. Davina’s Swim House respects your privacy and will not share your email address with others. Davina’s Swim House will not send you Spam or Junk email.


Releases Swim 4 Me Inc. and all of its associated companies, including but not limited to Davina’s Swim House and all affiliates, successors, directors and officers and heirs thereof, and/or the facility at which the student(s) attend lessons and/or events from all claims and liabilities whatsoever arising from participation in or attendance at one or more of Davina’s Swim House current or future programs by the undersigned, the undersigned’s child(ren) or any associated spectator(s). I acknowledge, personally and on behalf of any minor child, the existence of known and potential unknown risks, which may include but are not limited to serious injury, including permanent disability and death, social and economic loss and the possibility of contracting illness, including but not limited to COVID-19, as a result of participating in swimming lessons or any activity organized by or associated with Davina’s Swim House.