Summer has arrived, and that means you and your family are going to be doing a lot of swimming over the next few months! Swimming is a great way to spend those perfect sunny summer days, and your kids are the ones that will be doing so the most often. Children enjoy swimming immensely, and if you have a family pool, a cottage, or both, you’re going to want to make sure your kids are not only having fun but, most importantly, are safe. Here are some of the best safety tips for your cottage and family pool this summer.

Backyard Pool Safety
Keep a close eye on inflatable toys- inflatable toys can be great for helping kids to stay afloat, but they can also be dangerous. Inflatables that have children sit in them can be particularly risky because they can sometime overturn and plunge a child underwater. Always keep an eye on children using inflatable water toys and make sure there are never too many of them in the water at once.

Keep all chemical products away from children- cleaning your pool is important if you are going to get the most out of it this summer, but make sure to stow away all chemicals and cleaning products in a safe place out of children’s’ reach when you are finished.

Stay close to children- drowning can occur in as little as 10 seconds, so it is very important to always remain close to children during pool time. Whether you are in the pool with your kids, or standing outside of it, never turn your back to your kids and avoid such distractions as a ringing telephone or your barbecue.

Teach kids the rules of diving- many head and neck injuries are caused by people diving where they shouldn’t be diving. Teach your children the proper rules of diving; rules such as never dive head first into a pool’s shallow end, and never dive into an above ground pool at all should be the main focus here.

Cottage Water Safety
Control access to the water- make sure you know all of the spots in which your children can get into the water. Unlike a pool, a lake at the cottage is full of hidden and far away entry points. It may be necessary to set up barriers in order to block certain entry spots.

Make sure lifejackets are used when on a boat- if you’re planning on taking the boat out at the cottage, make sure children are always equipped with quality lifejackets. You never know how big of waves you’re going to be making on a boat, and should one or more of your children fall out, a lifejacket is absolutely necessary.

Make sure the water is safe to swim in- check the water your children are going to be swimming in and do your best to make sure the shallow parts where they will be standing are free of things like sharp rocks, sticks, and broken glass. Also make sure the lake water is clean and not excessively dirty. Be aware of the marine life in the water as well.
Never underestimate nature- even on seemingly calm bodies of water, waves and currents can be unexpectedly strong. Always be aware of the water’s behaviour and if you think things are getting too rough, don’t hesitate to call it a day.

Keep these helpful safety tips in mind, and you and your family are sure to have a fun and safe summer!