Summer is around the corner! Are you and your little swimmer ready for their first Toronto swim lesson? Have a look at our top 5 tips for your first lesson:


  • Arrive early to your first swim lesson to take a tour of our pool and facility.


      • Visiting the facility before your first swim lesson will help you or your child ease into the idea of swimming. It’s an opportunity to get a feel for everything making your experience a bit less intimidating. Another benefit is that you will have a chance to figure out how long it takes to get there, where to park, and where to get your swimmer changed. Come swim lesson time, you and your swimmer will be prepared to arrive and jump right in!


    1. Bath tub prep – Have your little swimmer splash around in your home tub getting splashes on their head or, if they are willing, getting their face wet.
      • Many parents do not realize how extremely beneficial prepping in the bath can be! Yes, your bath is much shallower than a swimming pool; however, some of the most intimidating things about a swim lesson can be overcome in the comfort of the child’s own tub. Some new swimmers can get a little nervous. Getting their faces wet or blowing bubbles in their own tub provides comfort and an advantage when their first swim lesson begins.


    1. Have your child bring a toy to their first few classes (preferably a small water resistant one).
      • A toy from home provides comfort and security. Children are more likely to engage with instructors by talking about their toy and bath tub fun.


    1. Encourage your little swimmer. Use phrases like “you’re going to have fun,” “swimming is amazing,” and “let’s go splash.”
      • Using positive language and being excited for your swimmer will work wonders! Your swimmer looks up to you and takes behaviour cues from you. If you are excited and happy for them to be swimming, then chances are they will be excited, too.


  1. Have the swimmer help you prepare the swim bag and talk about how much fun it is to swim.
    • As you prepare the swim bag, use this opportunity to talk about how much fun swimming is going to be! Talk about how their bathing suit is just meant for swimming, and which towel will help keep your swimmer the most warm and dry. If you choose to give them goggles, then talk about what they are for, how they work, and ask your swimmer what they will look for under water. Having these types of conversations with your swimmer before the lesson will help them to envision the joy of the pool and swimming experience and help them to feel ready and prepared to hop right in.