Fridge magnet letters spelling the word CPR and an stethoscope

Emergencies and accidents happen all the time, especially when you have kids. Even if we think “those things don’t happen to me”, they could. Knowing basic First Aid and CPR increases the chances of survival, and, just like this case in Ontario, you might be able to help save someone’s life. 

At Davina’s Swim House, we are firm believers that everyone should learn First Aid and CPR, you never know when it can be helpful. In particular, for parents, it should be a must. To celebrate CPR Month, we are sharing the reasons why all parents should be trained in First Aid & CPR.

Life-Saving Skill

By learning First Aid and CPR a person will know the actions that need to be taken in an emergency situation. It is essential to know how to act, and understand what does and doesn’t need to be done since a bad decision could cause a more serious injury.  

According to Red Cross Canada “Effective bystander CPR, when used in conjunction with an AED and administered immediately following cardiac arrest, can double a person’s chance of survival.”

Knowing how to perform this life-saving skill will prepare parents to react to the accidents or injuries children and infants are prone to have. 

Every Second Counts

One of the most common answers to the question “Why don’t you learn CPR?” is “I don’t need to, that’s what emergency services and 911 are for”. This is false, even with an excellent ambulance reaction time, in some types of emergencies, every second counts, especially in heart failures, choking or drowning situations. That is why First Aid and CPR courses train you to react to these time-sensitive scenarios. 

According to the Canadian Pediatric SocietyChoking and suffocation are responsible for almost 40% of unintentional injuries in infants under the age of one in Canada. Virtually all choking and suffocation deaths and injuries can be prevented”. Prevention includes childproofing the house and CPR. 

Always Ready

Related to the above point, by learning First Aid and CPR, you will have a life-saving skill with you 24/7. You never know when an accident will happen, and these courses teach you the best way to immediately respond to an emergency.

Knowing that they can react in case of an unforeseen situation gives parents, especially new ones, a boost of confidence. Parenting can be very scary, and these skills will make you feel more prepared. 


Parenting can be very scary, especially when imagining babies and children having some type of accident or injury. That is why all parents should acquire these life-saving skills. No one ever wants to use them, but it is good to know the principles are there in case of an emergency. 

At Davina’s Swim House we offer First Aid and CPR courses all year long. Plus, we also provide recertifications in case you want to refresh your skills and keep your knowledge up to date. 

Don’t be that person that waits for others to help, learn First Aid & CPR!